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Discovering Resilience, Growing Minds

Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic. Capable of both inflicting injury, and remedying it.

- Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Providing Exceptional Mental Health Services to Sherwood Park and Greater Edmonton


Welcome to Little Tree Psychology, where our primary goal is to help you feel at ease with yourself. We specialize in treating a range of conditions, from PTSD, anxiety, and depression to child psychology, stress, burnout, gender identity, career counseling, and bipolar disorder. Our therapeutic approach is grounded in mindfulness and evidence-based practices, offering a diverse range of techniques such as art and play therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and exposure therapy for trauma.

Explore our warm and skilled team of practitioners, proud to be a practice that warmly embraces the LGBTQIA community.

For a deeper understanding of your specific needs and to explore how we can assist you, we encourage you to reach out for a free consultation. Both face-to-face and online sessions are available for your convenience. We look forward to the opportunity to connect with you soon!


Little Tree Psychology provides top-tier counseling services to individuals, couples, and families in Strathcona County, Sherwood Park, and Edmonton.

Our goal is to establish warm, compassionate, and therapeutic relationships where the client's experience is understood, respected, and validated. At Little Tree, we employ a variety of approaches, committed to finding solutions and strategies tailored to each unique client. There's no "one size fits all" here—expect to build a personalized and impactful counseling experience just for you.


Intimacy Issues and Sex Therapy

Coping Skills


Vocational Exploration

Life Transitions

Setting Boundaries

Stress & Burnout


At Little Tree Psychology, our unwavering commitment is to elevate mental well-being through compassionate, comprehensive, and evidence-based psychological services. Recognizing that every individual, couple, or family confronts distinctive challenges, we prioritize delivering personalized care to address their unique needs.

Children playing

Child & Teen

Child Psychology

Children require unique and sensitive approaches to mental health. Our child psychology services focus on understanding and supporting the emotional and developmental needs of young minds.

Teen Counselling

Navigating adolescence can be challenging. Our teen counseling services provide a safe space for self-expression and exploration, addressing issues such as identity, peer relationships, and academic stress.

Academic Concerns

Tailored support for children facing academic challenges goes beyond stress at our specialized center. Our approach involves understanding behavioral nuances, fostering resilience, and tailoring assistance to create a supportive environment for healthy academic development.

Behavioral Issues

Specialized support for children dealing with behavioral issues extends beyond symptom management. Our services focus on understanding the root causes, fostering resilience, and providing targeted assistance for healthier behavioral development in a supportive environment.

Adult pscyhotherapy

Adult Psychology

Anxiety Therapy

Our anxiety therapy is designed to help you navigate and overcome the challenges posed by anxiety disorders. Through a combination of therapeutic techniques, we aim to empower you to regain control and find peace.

Depression Therapy

Depression can be a complex and challenging experience. Our depression therapy focuses on understanding the root causes and developing strategies to manage symptoms, fostering a path towards healing and recovery.

Trauma Therapy

Healing from trauma requires a specialized approach. Our trauma therapy utilizes evidence-based techniques such as EMDR and exposure therapy to support your journey towards recovery and resilience.


Adult Individual Clinical Concerns

Individuals facing unique clinical concerns can benefit from our tailored approaches. Our adult individual services focus on addressing specific challenges, promoting personal growth, and fostering resilience.

Couple hugging from behind

Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Relationships are intricate and sometimes challenging. Our couples counseling services aim to strengthen communication, foster understanding, and navigate the complexities of partnerships.

Marriage and Couples Clinical Concerns

For couples facing specific clinical concerns, our specialized services provide targeted interventions and support, helping you and your partner navigate through challenges together.


Navigating the complexities of divorce requires more than legal guidance. Our services within marriage and couples clinical concerns address the emotional intricacies involved in divorce, offering support tailored to your unique situation.


Domestic Violence

Addressing the profound impact of domestic violence within relationships is a priority in our marriage and couples clinical concerns. Our specialized support focuses on safety, recovery, and fostering resilience, providing a path toward healing and rebuilding.

Filling Out Form

Formal Assessment

Psychological Assessment

Understanding your unique psychological profile is crucial for targeted and effective treatment. Our assessments provide valuable insights, guiding the development of tailored strategies for your well-being.

Psychological Modalities

We employ a diverse range of evidence-based modalities to cater to your individual needs. From traditional talk therapy to innovative approaches, we're committed to finding the right modality for you.

Additional Assessment

Our formal assessment services extend beyond paperwork, encompassing a range of specialized evaluations. From psychoeducational assessments and mood disorder evaluations to focused assessments for AISH and ADHD, our comprehensive approach ensures a thorough understanding of individual needs. Explore the many facets of our formal assessments to receive precise, clinical insights tailored to your unique circumstances and requirements.

Life Enhacements

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