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Child Counselling in Sherwood Park

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Guiding Young Minds: Fostering Growth and Resilience

Understanding Your Child's World

Imagine the following: It's been a really, really bad day; you've come home after losing your job. It's also a sweltering hot summer day, and you and your child hear the ice cream truck down the block.  Understandably, your child is ecstatic, otherwise, the experience for you is average and largely unremarkable given the circumstances.  Regardless, you take your child to the truck to buy them an ice cream.  After they deliberate for what seems like forever, they finally choose their favourite flavour ultimately for it to plop to the ground not moments after the truck departs. Again, understandably your child is devastated. While the ice cream tragedy fails to move the needle on your list of true atrocities, your child feels differently. 


Sometimes, as adults we forget that because many of the things that happen in children's lives lack real world implications, that the feelings they experience when something bad happens matches the true severity of the event. Despite the lack of implications on the child's life, in reality, the ice cream tragedy may evoke feelings of anger, despair, and sadness, in a similar way that the loss of a job may feel to an adult. Similarly, a teenager going through a difficult breakup, getting cut from a team, or even receiving a bad grade in school, can feel equally devastating the way adults do when bad things happen. These experiences are new, sometimes frightening, and can truly shape the narrative of children's self-worth, beliefs about the world, or themselves. So, while lost desserts may seem trivial to the complexity and nuances of our daily lives, sometimes kids feel differently.

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A Shared Journey: Understanding Common Childhood Struggles

As a parent, witnessing your child face emotional or behavioral challenges can feel isolating, but it's important to know that you are not alone. Many children encounter difficulties as they grow and learn about the world around them. Recognizing that these struggles are a common part of childhood can be a source of comfort and hope.

Statistically, it's not uncommon for children to experience psychological challenges. Studies suggest that approximately 1 in 6 children aged 2-8 years in Canada have a diagnosed mental, behavioural, or developmental disorder. These issues range from common behavioural and emotional challenges like ADHD, anxiety, and mood disorders, to difficulties with learning and social interactions.

The causes of these challenges are diverse, often stemming from a combination of genetic, environmental, and psychological factors. It could be the stress of academic pressure, the impact of social media, family dynamics, or significant life changes like moving to a new place or coping with loss. These experiences can manifest in various ways, from changes in behavior and mood to struggles with self-esteem and peer relationships.

Understanding that your child's struggles are part of a larger, shared experience can be incredibly empowering. It highlights the importance of providing a supportive and understanding environment where children can express themselves and learn to navigate their emotions and interactions.

Child psychology services play a crucial role in this journey. They offer not just insight and understanding but also practical strategies to help children cope and thrive. With professional support, children can learn to understand and manage their emotions, develop healthier coping mechanisms, and build resilience. This journey of growth and learning is not just transformative for the child; it's often an enlightening and deeply rewarding experience for the entire family. Remember, seeking help is a proactive step towards a brighter, more fulfilling future for your child.

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Crafting Brighter Futures: Our Approach to Child Psychology

In the delicate world of child psychology, each child's story is a unique tapestry woven with threads of their experiences, emotions, and perceptions. At the heart of our approach is the profound belief that every child holds the potential to overcome their challenges and shine brightly in their own right.

Embracing Each Child's Unique Journey

Our first step is always to understand the child's world from their perspective. We delve into their history, behaviors, and emotions, not just to identify the challenges they face, but to appreciate their individual journey. This understanding forms the foundation of a tailored therapeutic approach designed to meet each child's specific needs.

Integrative Therapy Techniques

Our therapy sessions are dynamic and engaging, incorporating a blend of play therapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and creative expression. These methods are chosen not just for their proven effectiveness but for their ability to resonate with children. Through play and creativity, children often find it easier to express complex feelings and thoughts that they might not yet have the words to articulate.

Teaching Lifelong Skills

A key aspect of our therapy is teaching children skills that will serve them throughout their lives. This includes emotional regulation, coping strategies for anxiety, social skills, and problem-solving techniques. By equipping children with these tools, we empower them to navigate their current challenges and prepare them for future obstacles with resilience and confidence.


Creating a Safe and Nurturing Environment

Every therapy session is conducted in an environment that is safe, nurturing, and child-friendly. We understand that a child needs to feel secure and accepted to open up and engage in the therapeutic process. Our therapists are skilled in creating this atmosphere of warmth and trust, making each session a safe space for exploration and growth.

The Power of Parental Involvement

We believe in the power of involving parents and caregivers in the therapeutic process. By offering guidance and support to families, we extend the impact of therapy beyond our sessions. This collaborative approach ensures that the child receives consistent support and understanding in all aspects of their life.

Our Experience and Commitment

With years of experience in child psychology, we have witnessed the transformative effect of dedicated, compassionate therapy. We've seen children develop from struggling to thriving, a journey that is as rewarding for us as it is for them. Our commitment to each child's well-being is unwavering, driven by our belief in their potential and our dedication to helping them realize it.

Our solution to the challenges faced in child psychology is multifaceted, deeply empathetic, and always evolving. We don't just address the symptoms; we strive to understand the whole child and provide them with the tools and skills for lasting change. Our approach is not just about overcoming difficulties; it's about fostering growth, resilience, and joy in every child we have the privilege to work with. In this journey, we offer not only solutions but a renewed sense of hope and a path toward a bright and fulfilling future.

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Safety & Security

Use this space to promote the business, its products or its services. Help people become familiar with the business and its offerings, creating a sense of connection and trust. 



Use this space to promote the business, its products or its services. Help people become familiar with the business and its offerings, creating a sense of connection and trust. 


Growth & Innovation 

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Team Work

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Community Outreach

Use this space to promote the business, its products or its services. Help people become familiar with the business and its offerings, creating a sense of connection and trust. 



Use this space to promote the business, its products or its services. Help people become familiar with the business and its offerings, creating a sense of connection and trust. 


"Will my child feel like something is 'wrong' with them if they attend therapy?"

"Will my child feel like something is 'wrong' with them if they attend therapy?"

It's a common worry that therapy might make a child feel labeled or different. We approach therapy as a positive, empowering experience. It's framed as a time for learning and growing, much like going to school or participating in sports. We emphasize that needing help is a normal part of life, and everyone needs guidance at times. Our goal is to make your child feel supported and understood, not singled out.

"I'm not sure if my child's issues are serious enough for therapy."

Deciding whether a child's challenges warrant professional help can be difficult. It's important to remember that therapy isn't just for severe problems; it's also a proactive tool for addressing smaller issues before they grow. If something is impacting your child's happiness or development, it's significant enough to explore. Therapy can provide your child with valuable skills and coping strategies that benefit them in all areas of their life.

"How can I trust that my child will be comfortable and safe with a therapist?"

Trusting a stranger with your child's emotional well-being is a big step. We prioritize creating a safe, welcoming, and child-friendly environment. Our therapists are not only professionally qualified but also have a gentle, friendly approach that helps children feel at ease. You are always welcome to be involved in the process, and we encourage open communication between the therapist, child, and parents. Ensuring your child's comfort and safety is our utmost priority.

Tailored Therapy for Personalized Anxiety Relief

I know this might seem like a solitary experience, but you're definitely not alone. In fact, depression affects a significant part of the population. According to the World Health Organization, more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from depression globally. It's one of the most common mental health issues out there.

This doesn't mean that what you're going through isn't challenging or unique to your situation, but it does mean that many others have faced similar feelings. It's a shared human experience, not a personal failing or something out of the ordinary.

Depression is a part of life for many, and there's a wide community of individuals who understand exactly what you're feeling. You're in good company, and what you're going through is both human and normal.

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Little Tree Psychology sees children ages 3-18, as well as adults, individuals, and couples. Typically, children and teens intake sessions are broken down into two parts. First, the parent(s) typically meet alone for the first session or first 20-30 minutes. During this time, the clinician and the parent(s) discuss confidentiality, fees, benefits, and how they would prefer to structure therapy with the child. This time also includes an extended history questionnaire where the following may be investigated:


  • The child’s social history

  • Behaviours at school

  • Interactions with family and siblings

  • Interests and extracurricular activities

  • Negative life experiences


The information above will be used to assess the possible causes of what is distressing your child that lead to undesirable behaviours. At the end of the intake, the clinician and parent(s) should have a good idea of what goals they would like to set for the child and how many sessions feel appropriate.

Last, it is important to remember that every child and teen is different, and will require a different approach therapeutically. However, and especially with children under 10, parental intervention in the therapeutic process is crucial to a child's success in therapy, as parents tend to have more power and control over their child's development than they often realize. Therefore, often simple parenting 'tweaks', can work wonders for a lot of presenting concerns. For this reason, it is encouraged that at the beginning or end of session that the parent(s) spend a few minutes alone with the clinician discussing ongoing strategies, successes, and areas of concern moving forward.


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