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Psychological Assessment 

Little Tree Psychology has been serving the Strathcona and Greater Edmonton Area since 2020. While we feel that we do a fabulous job covering our bases regarding therapy and counselling, we have noticed an increased request for psychological assessment for school-aged children and adults. At times, this is as simple as concerns regarding a potential ADHD diagnoses or mood disorders, while at other times it requires a comprehensive psychoeducational assessment.

Unfortunately, due to the high demand, schools simply cannot keep up with these requests and have an extensive waitlist for these types of assessments. We have found that this often leaves parents concerned that their child may fall behind academically simply because they did not receive the appropriate support early enough.

However, we are thrilled to announce a new inter-business collaboration to alleviate some of this strain on the waitlist. Little Tree Psychology and Red Cedar Psychology have developed a plan to address this growing need and provide these services in a timely manner, ultimately better serving our community.

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