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In our therapy practice, we bring an innovative approach to each client's journey, demonstrating that with the right support, no challenge is too great to overcome.

Explore our range of psychological modalities to find the right approach for you. Our experienced therapists are trained in a variety of methods to help you achieve your mental health goals, from cognitive behavioral therapy to interpersonal therapy and beyond. Learn more about our modalities and find the one that's right for you.



Attachment issues can affect relationships in significant ways - from romantic partners to family members and friends. Our attachment therapy focuses on identifying and healing the root causes of these issues. With our tailored approach, we empower our clients to build stronger and healthier relationships. Book an appointment with us today!



Do you suffer from anxiety or other psychological difficulties? Our CBT program is an evidence-based approach to helping you manage and overcome these challenges. Our team of experienced psychologists are here to support you and provide you with the resources you need for a successful recovery.



If you're struggling with anxiety or the effects of trauma, our EMDR service may be the solution you need. By using proven techniques to process traumatic experiences, we can help you move forward and find relief. Let us be your partner on the journey to healing and wellness.



Our Emotion Focussed Therapy is designed to help individuals overcome anxiety and other destabilizing emotions. Using evidence-based techniques, we help you to identify your core emotions and transform them into healthy behaviors. Our aim is to help you cope with life's challenges, and to ultimately lead a more fulfilling and satisfying life.



Gottman Couples therapy is a well-respected and effective approach to relationship counseling. Our experienced therapists offer personalized sessions that focus on building and strengthening your relationship. Whether you're looking to address specific issues or simply want to improve the overall quality of your relationship, our Gottman Couples therapy can help you find the solutions you need.



At our Psychological Services, we understand that children experience emotions differently than adults. Our play therapy approach offers a child-friendly and age-appropriate approach to helping children express themselves. Play therapy can be especially effective in treating childhood anxiety, depression, or other concerning behaviours, allowing children to work through their fears and feelings in a safe and supportive environment.



Trauma can have a significant impact on our mental health, and the effects can manifest in various ways. Somatic Experiencing is a therapeutic approach that uses body awareness to address the physical and emotional symptoms of trauma. Through this gentle and safe method, it can help you process your experiences and find relief from the distressing symptoms like anxiety, fear, and more, that have been holding you back.



Anxiety? Depression? Career concerns? We believe in offering solution-focused therapy that is centred around the client's goals and needs. Our focus is on working together with clients to identify realistic solutions that can be put into action immediately. Our therapists work to understand the unique challenges each client is facing and collaborate with them to develop a personalized treatment plan to achieve their desired outcomes.



People often report that intimacy concerns are difficult to bring up. However, we provide sex-positive therapy and intimacy coaching to help clients experience fulfilling and healthy sexual lives. Our team of psychologists are dedicated to providing a non-judgmental and supportive space for individuals and couples to address a wide range of sexual issues. Our services are designed to help you overcome sexual challenges, improve your communication, and cultivate a greater sense of intimacy and connection in your relationships.

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