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Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean it is not real?

- Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Stephen Tripodi

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Relationship and compassion are my focus.

Hi, my name is Stephen, and I'm a registered provisional psychologist. Let me tell you a little bit about myself.


Years ago, when I was in school studying to be a teacher, I noticed that after class, many of my students would loiter around the room much later than what was expected of them. Often this was not due to them warranting extra help, or needing a place to be before their ride arrived, or even because they wanted the extra attention. Rather, some of those kids needed the extra attention. Although, I certainly thought differently at the time, I doubt I was particularly “cool”, but what I did know is that I was relatable, and I was safe. It wasn’t a hard decision. I finished my degree and decided this was the path I would walk. I was going to become a psychologist. 


I’ve learned a lot since those experiences, but the one thing that has not changed was that this is what all people need; to be heard, to feel understood, and to know what they think and feel matters.  Like Dumbledore said, just because it’s in our heads, or because we’re young, doesn’t mean our thoughts aren’t real, or worthy of attention.

My Treatment Aproach 

I believe that we all have a tremendous ability to heal, change, and grow. We cruise through the day, not often giving much thought to the encounters we have, but in reality, there’s a brain behind the scenes working furiously to course-correct and catalog every moment of our lives. Sometimes, it’s important to pull the veil aside and take a moment to check and see how the narrative is unfolding.  That’s why I believe that through awareness, acceptance, and exploration of ourselves through meaning making, we can all overcome the difficulties in our lives. 

Population/Client Focus

I work with all types of people!

I’ve worked with children, adolescence, adults, and families for close to ten years. Although the most recent three have been as a therapist, I believe that even though we all experience the hardships of life in different contexts, we all have the capacity to suffer equally. I welcome adult clients of all backgrounds, non-binary individuals, and people of all gender identities, gender expression, and sexual orientation.



I have experience working with people who have experienced trauma.

Trauma is kind of a scary topic. It evokes colourful imagery of war movies and dishevelled soldiers. But the reality is, trauma lives within all of us, it just shows up in different ways. While the neurological underpinnings of trauma are profoundly interesting, in the simplest sense, trauma is the relic of our desire to survive, an artifact of our experiences and how we learned to live and to grow.  So, show me a human with a pulse and I’ll show you someone who’s experienced trauma. I believe that working with trauma requires dedication, and vulnerability, but most importantly, trust in your therapist.

While I love working with all populations, I founded this practice on the idea that kids, teens, and young adults need a safe place to come as well. I felt like the name "Little Tree" fully embodied that belief. As a former teacher, youth worker, and current therapist with Children Services, I understand kids need a tremendous amount of advocacy.  For this reason I believe the most important aspect of therapy for children is rapport building. Kids need to be sold on their therapist (especially teens, who are some of my favourite clientele!).