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Parenting: Who's Doing it Right?

The title might have thrown you off guard. This is a trick question, and for any parent or expecting person reading this, I want you to know one thing before you continue: You're doing great! Parenting is tough and a huge learning curve. No matter which style you are, we are here for you. If you're interested in gaining some information about parenting types... take a quick read! Maybe you'll learn a bit more about yourself and how your world is colliding with your kiddo.

So, what are the parenting styles?

There are four parenting styles listed here:

  • Authoritative

  • Authoritarian

  • Permissive

  • Uninvolved/Neglectful

What does this all mean? Don't worry. I'll tell you. Keep in mind, no matter which "style" you may think you are, you are likely here reading this article out of genuine love and care for your child(ren) and wanting to be the best you can be for them!


- Simultaneously high levels of:

- Acceptance

- Responsiveness

- Control

- All three of these components are important for effective parenting

- Additionally, authoritative parents tend to allow their child(ren) to have a healthy

degree of autonomy (or independence)

- This results in a greater likelihood of positive relationships between parent & child

- This type of parenting is seen as the standard expectation in Western society


- High levels of:

- Control

- Low levels of:

- Responsiveness

- Acceptance

- These parents may be referred to as strict by some

- May have greater prevalence in non-Western societies


- High levels of:

- Responsiveness

- Acceptance

- Low levels of:

- Control

- These parents tend to be referred to as lenient or even to over-"spoil" their children


- Low levels are seen in acceptance, responsiveness and control

- These parents are not present in their child(ren)s life and may even pose the threat for

neglect in which a child's needs are not met

Did you learn something?

I hope this post taught you something new today. Here are some questions for reflection:

- What parenting type am I?

- What are the three nouns that were used to describe parenting behaviour?

- What does being a good parent mean to you?

- If applicable -- are you able to think about what parenting style your parents(s) have?


Albanese, P. (2020). Children in Canada today (Third edition.). Oxford University Press.

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