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Cherisse Kovacs

Registered Provisional Psychologist

Hello and welcome! Are you currently struggling and feeling overwhelmed? Are you finding it difficult to manage stress? Therapy provides the space to explore these challenges, so you can create new meanings, hope and new beginnings. As a Registered Provisional Psychologist, I work in partnership with you, providing a warm, supportive environment where you can explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences in a safe space. Together, we can work toward finding solutions to the problems you've been struggling with, identifying ways that you want to create meaningful change in your life.

I specialize in assisting individuals struggling to cope with anxiety, depression, grief, and anger. I have experience helping individuals to overcome challenges related to managing multiple life stressors (i.e., parenting and relationship issues; difficulties finding work/life balance; caring for aging parents; etc.). I integrate evidence based approaches into my work with clients including cognitive-behavioural therapy, acceptance and commitment therapy and positive psychology. I am also an EMDR therapist in training. 

I am passionate about building a therapeutic relationship with my clients, so they feel safe to explore their thoughts, feelings and experiences. If you have questions about therapy, feel free to book a complimentary 10-minute consultation and inquire about the therapeutic process. I would be happy to connect with you and discuss your goals in therapy.

Cherisse Kovacs
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