We think it's important to recognize how difficult it is to find help, and we're so grateful that you've chosen to reach out.


We're not gonna sugar-coat it, sometimes therapy can be tough. And while there are 168 hours in a week, sadly, you only get to spend one of those with your therapist! While we wish we could be there every hour for all our clients, that just wouldn't be realistic.


So, when we say therapy is tough, what we really mean is, it's tough because being vulnerable is tough (shocker, right?). But we believe that introspection, meaning-making, awareness, and acceptance of one’s thoughts and feelings are crucial to the healthy functioning of the individual. Whether you're looking for therapy for anxiety, depression, stress at work, or are dealing with the impacts of a traumatic event, we feel that connection with your therapist is crucial. With the right relationship, everyone has a tremendous capacity to grow and gain insight into their lives, struggles, and experiences.